Upcoming Events

Summer Campus Days for Prospective Students: July 31, August 7 and August 14

If your son, niece or neighbor is considering the Whitman School, please share details of our Summer Campus Days during which prospective students tour our facilities and attend events to learn about our academic programs and extracurricular opportunities.

The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship: July 29

Join Syracuse graduate, Keith Lemer, as he shares his story on the life of an entrepreneur and what it took to create a lower cost, $100m+ private sector health care solution in the face of extreme competition. 6:15pm-8:30 p.m., SU’s new Fisher Center, 136 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. For reservations or further details, visit Whitman NYC.

WhitmanNYC Annual Dinosaur Central Park Picnic: August 23

Tri-state alumni are encouraged to make reservations soon for this popular annual event. Don’t miss out on great BBQ and reminiscing.

Whitman Alumni Club of CNY Mentorship Kick-off Event: September 21

Social event for mentors and mentees to meet and learn more about the program. For more information, contact Cindie Adams at csadams@syr.edu.

Orange Central Homecoming 2015: October 22-25

Stay tuned for details on homecoming weekend, which will include a gridiron match-up of the Orangemen and Pittsburgh Panthers.