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Alumna Tracie Long Shares Avocadough Success Story

Alumna Tracie Long Shares Avocadough Success Story

After years working as an insurance claim representative, Tracie Long ditched the 9-5 office job to pursue her long-time passion of baking, but decided to add a twist. Long has a history of heart disease and high cholesterol in her family and after her doctor told her to cut out the sweets, Long decided to instead turn her sugary vice into a healthy one. After six years of experimenting to create delicious and nutritious desserts, Long created Avocadough in March 2014.

She started by replacing unhealthy ingredients in her products with the healthy alternative of avocados, but her line has now expanded to include options for those with vegan and Paleo dietary restrictions. Seeking unprocessed and organic ingredients, Long creates delicious treats that are healthy for the heart and body.

She plans to create a fun and employee-focused work environment as she continues to produce products she feels good selling to the public.

“I always give 110 percent, but it also helps to have a strong support base and stay open minded because you may have questions you don’t even know how to ask yet,” Long said.

With an open mind and willing to take on any obstacle, Long plans to continue to grow and develop her company. Averaging 200 to 300 units sold per week, she is currently examining other regions in the U.S. where her product would be well-received including California, Colorado, Florida and Vermont.

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