September 2021 Class Notes

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Jayne Demsky ’88: Founder, School Avoidance Alliance

Erica Manoff ’03: Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, U.S. Bank

Chris Royal ’07: Enterprise Account Manager, Healthcare, Palo Alto Networks

Michael Dye ’08: Controller, New Business Transactions, Fanatics, Inc.

Jacob Haworth ’11: Senior Vice President of Operations, Lucid Green

Steve Moeller ’12 MBA, ’12 MPA: Senior Financial Analyst, Signature Consultants

Eric Reilly ’12: Brand Director, The Many

Laura (Vigiletti) Reidel ’13 MBA: Director, Sales Operations and Revenue Analytics, The Washington Post

Shawn Zamani ’13: Founder and Chief Executive Officer, En Passant Group

Sierra Eldridge ’14: Influencer Account Manager, NORTH SIX

Kearney Erhard ’14: Creative Supervisor, Mower

Travis Hunt ’14: Finance Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Maryann Akinboyewa ’15: Senior Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Katherine Caminero ’15: Vice President, Middle Market Banking and Specialized Industries, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Jose Luis Hernandez ’15: Associate HR Specialist, Ross Stores, Inc.

Laura Scott ’15 MBA: Director Enterprise Applications, Corza Medical

Zi Ye ’15 MBA: Business Intelligence and Accountability Director, Initiative

Casey Kerr ’16: Existing Business Sales, Startups and SMBs, Stripe

Andrew Mackowski ’16, ’21 MS: Supply Chain, Inventory Strategy, Bowery Farming

Emily Thomas ’17: Procurement Manager, STORD

Douglas Hascoe ’18: Manager, Decision Sciences, UM Worldwide

Roger Hoff ’18: Senior Media Planner, Mediahub Worldwide

Aliya (Benazeer) Nisar ’18 MS: Accounting Manager, Cisco

Jack Reardon ’18: Associate Director, Analytics, Havas Media Group

Kora Weidenheimer ’18: Real Estate Agent, Compass

Nick Morelli ’19 MBA: Expert Strategic Analyst, Decarbonization Strategies, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Scott Mueller ’21: Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

Rui Wang ’21 MS: Media Reporting Specialist, Pinckney Hugo Group


Hariharan Padmanabhan ’16 MBA (below), lead S&OP analyst-digital at Target, reflects on leaving India for Syracuse University to pursue a graduate degree in supply chain management and landing the career of his dreams in a feature on

Hariharan Padmanabhan

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