Orange Family Legacy: Syracuse Siblings

Syracuse was the first school Max Kimble (Whitman ’08) visited in 2002. Encouraged by his Great-Uncle, Syracuse Alumni Warren Kimble (VPA ’56), it would be this on-campus visit that would get another Orange into the family. 

Max, a Marketing Management major, was involved with the AMA (American Marketing Association) and has only the greatest memories of his years at SU. Soon enough, it was Christina Kimble’s (Whitman ’11) turn to begin her college search and she too caught the ‘Orange bug’ after visiting her brother and set out to make her own mark with a concentration in Retail Management & Marketing.  

The Kimble’s enjoyed their respective freshman and senior year on campus together. During her junior year, Christina even had the same host parent in Madrid, Spain during her Fall Semester abroad (Hola, Señora Nina)! The Kimbles certainly beat to a similar drum but also carry their own unique personality and vision for what now brings them full-circle into working together at their restaurant-focused creative agency, Simmer Group ( 

Headquartered in New York City’s NoMad district, Max (a Co-Founder) and Christina (an Account Director), work with best-in-class restaurant concepts, providing creative design, website development and marketing strategy to clients across the country. Perhaps it’s a small piece of the artistic gene from their Uncle Warren (well-known for his folk art and ‘Think Snow’ Syracuse homage).

Christina currently resides in Brooklyn and Max recently moved back to New Jersey with his wife and son (watch out, Class of 2039!). Go Orange!

Max and Christina Kimble

Max and Christina Kimble

Max Kimble ‘08 is co-founder of Simmer Group (, a New York City-based creative agency specializing in branding, design, web development and marketing strategy, tailored exclusively for the restaurant and hospitality industry. He earned a degree in marketing management from the Whitman School. Christina Kimble ’11, works alongside her brother at Simmer, where she serves as an account director. She majored in marketing management and retail management at Whitman. Both siblings studied abroad in Spain and were involved in the Syracuse University community; Max as a member of the American Marketing Association and Christina as a Syracuse Community Ambassador. They also share their love of and loyalty to all things Orange!
Max and Christina Kimble

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