Orange Family Legacy: Farber/Schilder

Schilder Collage FinalThe Farber/Schilder Orange legacy began in 1944, when William “Bill” Farber started at Syracuse University as a freshman right after returning from World War II. Bill was a proud Orange alumnus, having graduated from the Whitman School of Management in 1949. As a salesman traveling through the tri-state area, he returned to Syracuse often. His daughter, Ann, became the second generation to attend the Whitman School.

While studying at Syracuse, Ann had frequent visits from her high school sweetheart, Marc Schilder, who attended nearby Binghamton University. Marc was in Syracuse so often that he was like an honorary Orangeman. On graduation weekend in 1979, Ann picked up Marc at the Syracuse Airport and he proposed right there too excited to wait any longer.

Ann and Marc married and raised two children–a son, Bruce, and daughter, Tracy. They were always an Orange family, attending football and basketball games with Grandpa Bill. Ironically, Bruce’s and Tracy’s elementary, middle, and high school colors were also blue and orange; it was meant to be. Bruce and Tracy also attended the Whitman school, graduating in 2007 and 2011, respectively. During Tracy’s senior year, she looked for off- campus housing. Her friends decided on 826 Sumner Ave. When she told her Mom the address, they were shocked to realize it was the same house Ann had lived in her junior and senior years!

Three generations of Orange have created countless memories. The names of the family are now etched in the Orange Grove where they will be forever. The family returns to campus often and, who knows, there are likely more generations of Orange to come.

Photo: upper left, Terry and William Farber; upper right, Ann Schilder and William Farber; lower left, Bruce and  Tracy Schilder; lower right top, Tracy and Bruce with their parents at the family’s lake house in Copake, New York; lower right bottom, one of two of the family’s Orange Grove stones–this one was placed for Tracy’s graduation in 2011

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