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Orange Family Legacy: Four Lichtenstein Sisters Share the SU Bond

Orange Family Legacy: Four Lichtenstein Sisters Share the SU Bond

JodieLCollage_12-10_edited1Yes. To cover the most commonly asked question, I am the last of the four-daughter legacy here at Syracuse University. I completed my undergraduate career in May of 2015 and will receive my master’s degree in 2016, which will mark the 12th consecutive year the Lichtenstein girls have been attending Syracuse University. Upon my second graduation next May, I will begin working at Ernst & Young in New York City.

Our family’s Syracuse University legacy began in 2004 when Brooke Lichtenstein Wenocur (the oldest of the Lichtenstein sisters) decided to attend the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications majoring in television, radio and film. I can remember Brooke and my mom visiting countless schools all over the country and finally choosing Syracuse University where we would all end up eventually. Brooke graduated from SU Cum Laude in 2008 and followed with a law degree from Cordozo. She loves to take strolls down memory lane–telling stories about her time spent at Chucks, Stellas and sporting events. Her husband, Sam Wenocur, did not attend Syracuse but considers himself an honorary alumnus.

Of course, when you are the first child, you are sort of the guinea pig when it comes to moving off to college for the first time. Unsure of the size of the freshman year dorms, my parents decided to rent a U-haul truck to move her in. Looking back on this now, it makes for a good laugh because I would never need more than a small sedan with all of the packing experience my parents gained after having four kids attend college.

The second sister to attend Syracuse was Lindsey, who needed to pull her car over on the side of the road to read her acceptance letter through tears of joy; she then re-read the letter to my mom on the phone over and over again. Lindsey attended from 2007-2011 and was an active member of Delta Gamma. She loves to walk around campus and will find any sporting game excuse to come back and visit. She is grateful to have been able to spend overlapping time with Brooke at Chucks in their undergraduate careers. She is now a pediatric speech language pathologist after completing her master’s degree at Nova Southeastern.

Allie is the third Lichtenstein sister who attended Syracuse. She was able to overlap her four years with both Lindsey and me. Allie was in the iSchool and the go-to person of her friends for tech help. I only knew this because after people realized I was ‘Allie’s sister,’ they’d say something like “your sister helped me with…(insert technology here).” She was a member of Aephi and currently works for Buzzfeed doing ad operations in New York City.

Everyone asks our parents, Arleen and Jeffrey Lichtenstein, if they also attended Syracuse because of the long legacy that followed.

“You know, it’s funny, people ask me all the time for Syracuse advice and information when their kids are interested in attending. It’s like I’ve become the Syracuse guru where I work in Livingston, New Jersey,” says Arleen Lichtenstein.

My parents claim that, from Skaneateles to Armory Square, we have covered all grounds and wineries within a nearby radius of the school.

We do, however, have one complaint…after 12 consecutive years, 25 trips from New Jersey to Syracuse and five graduations, we are yet to win the Sheraton lottery for a room during graduation.

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