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Orange Crush: Michelle (Tiffenberg) and Scott Fleischer

Orange Crush: Michelle (Tiffenberg) and Scott Fleischer

Michelle (Tiffenberg) and Scott Fleischer, both 2010 graduates of SU, met the first weekend of freshman year in 2006 when they were both living in Skyhall dorm on South Campus. They instantly hit it off as friends, going to games at the Dome, eating pizza and toasted honeybuns at Cosmo’s (RIP) and seeing free movies in HBC. Not understanding much about sports, Michelle loved the energy of the Dome and dressing in orange from head to toe. Scott, on the other hand, is a sports fanatic and taught Michelle as much as he could (although he’s still trying to explain football to her 10 years later). Let’s just say that Michelle’s first love was SU basketball.

It was spring break 2007 when they began dating and quickly became inseparable. They still laugh about the time they were about to leave for winter break their sophomore year, and Michelle cried in front of Bruegger’s (RIP) because she didn’t want to be apart for even a few days.

They have such great memories of their four years in Syracuse, and many took place at the Dome. Some of their favorites include storming the court against Georgetown, Paul Harris eating a fan’s popcorn during the game, and sleeping in the Dome for College Gameday against Villanova. Michelle, an emotional fan, cried, yet again, when Arinze Onuaku injured his quad during a potential championship run (they still think that 2010 was Cuse’s year). Their typical dates included day trips to Skaneateles, dinners at PJ Dorsey’s (RIP) or just hanging around Carousel Mall.

Months after graduation, Scott already began planning an epic engagement weekend (in Syracuse of course). He ordered a brick in the Orange Grove so the two can always return to that spot to remember the proposal (except half the time it’s covered in snow). Scott got down on one knee in the middle of the quad and proposed to Michelle, which even earned applause from a campus tour! They went on to have an amazing weekend on campus, at the Sherwood Inn and at Turning Stone, visiting some of their favorite spots from their college years.

Like Michelle, her parents, also SU alums, became obsessed with Syracuse basketball. In 2013, they surprised the couple with season basketball tickets! Now, they all visit SU several times a year. It’s great to walk around campus each visit and relive the places where they fell in love. What’s made it even sweeter recently is bringing their 9-month-old to campus. This kid has already been to four ‘Cuse basketball games and The Basketball Tournament (at three months old!). He obviously bleeds orange, so he’s going to want to go here…right (fingers crossed J)?!?!

Michelle (Tiffenberg) and Scott Fleischer
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