Orange Crush: Courtnee Futch ’15, ’16 MS & Tyler Rice ’13



Courtney: “I’d heard about Tyler long before I met him, as I knew his step-mother first. She was the Senior Vice President of Recruitment for an internship program I applied to as a high-school senior. During my interview with her, I told her I’d been accepted to Syracuse and two other schools and would be making a decision soon. Her face lit up, telling me that her son was a sophomore at Cuse and that he loved it so much. That night, I went home confident in her endorsement, and submitted my deposit to start Syracuse in the fall.”

“The summer before my sophomore year, Tyler and I finally met at a conference for the internship program’s scholars in Manhattan. I introduced myself and asked questions about his internship at Food Network. To let Tyler tell it, I liked him the moment we met. But these are alternative facts.”

“Back at school in September, we ran into each other in a Marshall St. tattoo shop, where he’d just sat down to get an elaborate piece of artwork done on his shoulder, and I had gone to pick up a piece of jewelry for my ear piercing. I pulled up a chair, and we talked until his tattoo was done–just over three hours. To let me tell it, I knew that day that he liked me.”

Tyler: “I’d always liked Courtnee, or at least the idea of her. She was nice, beautiful, intelligent and sweet, but we ran in completely different circles. Prior to our meeting at the conference, we had never been formally introduced. I rarely (if that) saw Courtnee during her freshman year, however, after we ran into each other in Halo tattoo, we started seeing each other all the time.”

“We would spot each other at the bus stop, coming out of class, grabbing breakfast in Olsten Café, getting Chipotle on Marshall St. etc. Our meets were completely coincidental, but they started becoming more routine. In a matter of weeks, we went from almost never seeing each other to having conversations almost every other day. After several months of random sightings, impromptu hour-long conversations and me placing orders from ThunderCakes, Courtnee invited me to Sunday dinner with her friends. From that point, I was determined to make her like me, just as much as I liked her. Two months later, I kind of told her she was my girlfriend while introducing her to a friend of mine. Her eyebrows raised, and she just said “Oh.”

Courtney: “Needless to say, it worked. After Tyler graduated in 2013, we maintained our relationship long distance while I finished undergrad and graduate school. In May 2016, I moved to New Jersey from my home in Atlanta. Now, we frequent Syracuse alumni events and remain closely involved with Tyler’s brothers in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and we continue to host dinner parties with friends from Cuse in the tri-state area.”

Courtnee Futch & Tyler Rice

Courtnee Futch & Tyler Rice

Courtnee Futch graduated from Syracuse’s School of Visual and Performing Arts in 2015, where she majored in communication and rhetorical studies. Claiming “Cuse is so nice, I did it twice," she stayed to earn her master of science in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises at Whitman in 2016. Currently, Futch works at HelloFresh where she manages brand partnerships. Previously, she spent four years running her bakery, ThunderCakes, in Syracuse. Tyler Rice earned his bachelors’ degree in marketing and entrepreneurship from Whitman in 2013. He was a member of SU’s Crew Team in 2010-2011 and is a member of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He is a co-founder of the Nu Rho Poetic Society. Rice began his career at Showtime Networks as an ad sales account coordinator, where he spent three years. He currently works at Food Network managing the ad sales marketing pipeline.
Courtnee Futch & Tyler Rice

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