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Michael Sadicario ’03: A Career Path Paved by a Passion for Media

Michael Sadicario ’03: A Career Path Paved by a Passion for Media

When it came time to choose a university, Michael Sadicario ’03 knew he wanted to do two things: watch competitive college basketball and learn everything he needed to know about business to become a successful media executive. The Syracuse University Orange and the Whitman School of Management were checks in those boxes.

Fortuitously, Sadicario’s first year at Whitman coincided with the launch of the entrepreneurship major. “I knew I wanted to learn about business, but I wasn’t interested in focusing on finance or accounting,” said Sadicario. “When I took my first entrepreneurship class, I was fully engaged.”

One of his early entrepreneurship professors said something that struck Sadicario. “He told us that you don’t have to start a company to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial spirit can be put to work from within any company by considering ways to grow and evolve.”

That assertion has stayed with Sadicario throughout his career. “I believe the principles of entrepreneurship are valuable to any business,” he added. “Surveying customers’ current needs, anticipating those of the future and determining how to bridge the gap can help keep a company profitable and progressive.”

When Sadicario hadn’t found a student club at Whitman in line with his interests, he and a friend founded the Entrepreneurship Club. “We decided to get a group of people together who enjoyed writing business plans and pitching their ideas.”

By the time he graduated, Sadicario had met his future wife, Beth Braverman ’02, and secured a job, so his time at SU proved fruitful both personally and professionally.

He spent several years at a national radio sales and advertising firm, working his way up from sales assistant to account executive. After a stint in sales at WSKQ-FM, the largest Spanish language radio station in the country, he joined Bloomberg—first as a Northeast territory manager, then global head of mobile advertising sales and eventually as head of North American advertising sales for all digital platforms.

Last July, after six years at Bloomberg, Sadicario moved to the social news and content company, Storyful, as chief sales officer before being promoted to chief revenue officer in December.

Storyful, a Dublin-based start-up recently purchased by News Corp, services publishers, production companies, corporations and marketers who need social insights and the ability to license powerful stories. Storyful’s unique platform combines proprietary technology and social savvy journalists to spot local, global and brand specific trends as well as validate stories and acquire rights to user-generated content. Sadicario was brought in specifically to launch and drive revenue growth within the marketing and PR vertical.

Most of Sadicario’s days are spent evangelizing the brand, networking, negotiating and developing revenue strategies. As head of a global sales team, he spends considerable time discovering talent and coaching the next generation of sales leaders.

“I interview a lot of people and, for me, it is crucial to hire people who show a true passion for this industry,” he said. “Loving what you do is important to any role, but is essential to success in a highly competitive sales environment.”