May Graduates Grow Our Alumni Family

Anticipation, excitement, nervousness, nostalgia…members of the Whitman alumni family can relate to the myriad of feelings our May graduates are experiencing. Next week, the chapter of learning and growing at Syracuse University will close as they begin writing a new story in business, graduate school or other pursuits.

You know something first hand that they may have only heard about or gotten a glimpse of as students, and that is the strength and span of the Orange alumni family. It is a web of connections across continents that goes beyond fandom. For you, maybe it was an older alum at your new firm who took you under her wing or someone you found on LinkedIn who went out of his way to help you prepare for an interview at his company. Perhaps someone had a cousin with a sublet in that building in Brooklyn right by your office or a neighbor in HR at the firm of your dreams in San Francisco. Hearing such stories from grateful young alumni and those more senior who are eager to help the next in line never gets old. To those of you who pay it forward to keep the bond strong, thank you.

To the Class of 2021, congratulations and welcome to the Orange alumni family! It truly is extraordinary. I imagine you have an idea of the continued commitment of Whitman alumni from attending networking events, career exploration trips, panel discussions and job fairs. Believe me–it does not stop there. Keep your eyes open for Orange alumni when you leave Whitman. They truly are everywhere. Please be sure to tell me your stories of how a fellow alum helped you. And don’t underestimate your own ability to help those who follow you. In no time at all, you will have had experiences that they have not and can benefit from your new insights and connections. I look forward to hearing about the amazing things you accomplish!

To all of our alumni and friends, as we slowly move past the pandemic toward more normalcy, I hope to see you back on campus or at a Whitman/SU event in your area soon (please be sure to provide your new graduate contact information or update your alumni record so that you’ll receive invites and announcements). Until then, we are only an email or phone call away. Please keep in touch and take good care!


Alison Kessler, Director of Alumni Engagement (315-440-4622,