Following her passions for tech: Krista Canfield ’03

Gogobot - Canfield - HeadshotIf you have a passion, the fire never really dies out.

A Syracuse native now living and working in California is making headway in making new connections and following her passion. Krista Canfield, Newhouse and Whitman dual ’03, is the 2015 iSchool convocation speaker. Since studying broadcast journalism and finance, she has worked in Syracuse, South Dakota, and now in California.

The Whitman School of Management had an important effect on Krista’s career. Finance may not be the first major to be paired with broadcasting, but the background knowledge on the subject set her ahead of counterparts. It has also assisted when understanding metrics to strategize the health and growth of the company. When working at LinkedIn she knew and understood items during the IPO process. Even if you have no intention in going into a finance career it is critical to be thinking about things in the future (such as retirement).

Krista’s career began in Syracuse, where she said she enjoys how sarcasm is a form of endearment when talking to friends. When working in South Dakota she was able to go storm chasing with the station’s meteorologist. Now in California she is taking in how respectful the population is of well-rounded people. There are so many opportunities and activities for all interests that range from skiing and snowboarding to touring the wine country to all the hiking and biking trails.

Personal connections are the competitive advantage for the future. Gogobot, where Krista now works as the vice president of corporate communications, is a travel app widely used for all types of travelers that creates a unique relationship with its users. The recommendations and reviews help families to backpackers plan what to see in the cities. Not everyone wants to see and do the exact same thing in Paris.  The authentic, genuine relationship is the challenge for most companies, personalize the experience, and get your information to the right audience.

Krista advises students to keep three main things in mind when looking at jobs:

  1. What types of people do you want to meet and what types of relationships do you want to form?
  2. Who would you be working for? Do they challenge you, help you, or create a good work environment? Does their mission and vision statement work with what your plans are in 1, 3, 5, 10 years?
  3. What is your passion? Find what you like to do and incorporate that into your job.

Flashback to 2003, the first and only year Syracuse won the NCAA national basketball championship. Krista graduated Syracuse in 2003 and remembers students exploded into Marshall Street, and some even swung from the trees. Syracuse may not be similar to her trips with her dad to New Zealand, Peru, Egypt, or Cambodia but it is a place that will welcome her back at anytime.

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