Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Stephanie L. Howitt ’09

SLHIMAGEPremier lifestyle management company, SLH Lifestyle LLC, also known as SLH Lifestyle + Concierge, was formed with the intention of providing efficient living solutions to clientele. The company was also influenced as a result of the economic turmoil in which its founder, Stephanie L. Howitt, entered upon graduation. Instead of focusing on the uncontrollable external factors which shaped the job market, Howitt invested in herself. Through the continuation of her education, professional training and work experience, she enhanced her skill set and contributed the initial startup costs to her lifestyle venture, with hopes of creating an opportunity, which would help others to flourish.

Established in 2010, SLH Lifestyle is a multifaceted venture, one which offers lifestyle consulting and design services, in tandem with bespoke concierge and hospitality management services for both private and corporate sectors. SLH Lifestyle + Concierge was the first to serve clients in New York City, the Hamptons and the Gold Coast of Long Island.

Currently, this innovative boutique firm operates within an extensive network of the world’s leading luxury specialists to bring clients a full-service experience. Redefining the art of lifestyle management, SLH Lifestyle provides tailored solutions with a past repertoire of high-touch services, including interior design and art direction, style consultations, exquisite gifting, rare ticket procurement, curated travel excursions, private aviation coordination and exclusive access to trending eateries and nightlife venues.

Adapting to the rise of luxury and digital trends, the company has begun to implement The SLH Lifestyle Mobile Management application. An assistance solution for select corporate environments such as residential buildings, boutique hotels and private membership clubs. This expanded platform has allowed SLH Lifestyle to provide an enhanced level of on-demand luxury service to its existing service offerings. The app operates on any Android or iPhone device allowing for personal customization and seamless lifestyle management while connecting users to an exclusive global network of luxury providers.

Through the natural progression of SLH Lifestyle, Howitt has also expanded past the initial consulting and service-based business model to include creative editorial content development in the related lifestyle areas of design, fashion, travel and epicure. It was developed as a direct effort to enrich, inspire and provide further value to the discerning reader from her unique perspective. Since this transition, Howitt has become the creative force behind the company’s viral platform, The SLH Lifestyle Guide. As an editorial contributor, she has written for New York-based publications and has recently been appointed as luxury editor for 25A magazine.

In the future, SLH Lifestyle hopes to expand its mission past the luxury market to provide efficient living solutions for the masses with the introduction of a designed line of home and organizational products, in addition to taking an active consulting role in design rehabilitation projects for the urban environment.

For more information on SLH Lifestyle, visit www.slhlifestyle.com or https://www.facebook.com/slhlifestyle/. Individuals or corporate entities looking to elevate their lifestyle or service package can join here at https://m.veritamo.com/w/nomination/SU for expedited mobile membership!

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