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Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Samuel Sanders ’16

Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Samuel Sanders ’16


Co-founders Michael Shaw (left) and Samuel Sanders wearing Wundershirts.

The Prep

My company, Wundershirt, sells performance-enhancing workout shirts. The shirts improve the rate oxygen gets to your muscles, thereby increasing stamina, boosting strength and speed, allowing for quicker recovery, and regulating body temperature more effectively. But how did I get here?

As an avid reader and entrepreneur, I approach all learning with an eye toward taking information and determining how I can use it to improve a situation or develop a new idea. I encourage you, the reader, to use this approach. I will use my experience with my business, Wundershirt, as an example of how this process assisted me. It is my hope that my experience will encourage others to explore their entrepreneurial spirit.

Step 1: Use what you know.

Some of the best ideas come out of your everyday activities. Improvements to your daily routine are likely to benefit the daily routine of others. Familiarity with a certain product or service provides the starting point to come up with new ideas. Expertise further develops in the process of formalizing and executing your idea.

As an athlete, I found myself a part of the community of people who purchase workout gear for function. The benefit of the gear to my workout takes precedence over style.

Step 2: Find a problem.

The next step was to identify a problem in that known area. I was frustrated by other athletes getting better results from their workouts. Top companies like Nike and Under Armour were not creating clothing to help athletes of all levels get the maximum performance benefit.

I looked to the industry I knew best, saw room for improvement and decided not to accept what was available. Wundershirt was born from the idea of providing something better.

Step 3: Create a solution.

Most people just think about something they want to change, but do not take the next step to actually change it. I believe, by definition, every problem has a solution, if not multiple solutions!

With Wundershirt, I started researching the nanofabric industry and found my solution. I discovered I could create clothing that is a biological performance enhancer. This way, everyone can get more from workouts and exercise.

Step 4: Create a plan with actionable steps.

Once an idea is born, it is time to for a long-term vision and short-term steps to make the idea actionable. The long-term goal of Wundershirt is to be the future of clothing. I am constantly reevaluating how to reach my long-term goal by rapidly developing short-term goals. In the process, the company has won business competitions, set up supply chains from scratch, and made sales to Bermuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago and the U.S. Virgin Islands national track teams.

So I challenge you. You could finish this article and click on the next link in your browser, or you could follow these four steps and see where your idea takes you. Which will you choose?

If you want to learn more about Wundershirt, check us out at www.wundershirt.co or email wundershirt@gmail.com.

Support our venture: We are currently trying to grow marketing, awareness and sales as much as possible. If you have suggestions or are interested in helping, please reach out. We encourage you to purchase and try out a Wundershirt!

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