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Samir Pradhan



After completing his undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and an MBA in finance and marketing from Syracuse University, Samir Pradhan ’91 MBA started his career in manufacturing operations. He subsequently worked with a leading management consulting company in the Boston area. He then decided to pursue opportunities with start-up and privately held companies that had developed data driven technology solutions to support one-to-one marketing. Having worked in many diverse industries with responsibilities across all business areas including strategy, operations, sales and marketing, he knew it was time to take a step towards his entrepreneurial dream.

The right opportunity made its way to Samir when his father asked him to head up and lead the company that he had founded in India. Samir knew the time was right, and he could use his vast global experience to grow the company in new dimensions. Thus, he started his journey into the entrepreneurial business world. Pradhan moved his family to India, where he is now the managing director of Samtec Tools & Accessories Pvt. Ltd. The company is leader in providing niche-tooling solutions that enhance manufacturing productivity metrics for its customers. The solutions the company delivers focus primarily on the automotive, power, oil and gas and aerospace industries.

Since taking over the reins of the company, Pradhan has used his global work experience and marketing knowledge to achieve two key objectives for the company:

  • Create and strengthen the company’s network of global partners
  • Launch and market products under its own brand

Growing and strengthening relationships with his global partners was one of the first challenges Pradhan focused on. The company is now partnered with a number of leading international brands from the US, Israel, Germany and the UK. Building strong relationships and cultural bridges with his global partners is a key ingredient to success. Pradhan spends a good amount of his time travelling around the world to meet with his partners and explore opportunities to seek out new business partnerships.

Creating and launching products under the company’s brand name was the second major challenge that Pradhan addressed. Under his leadership, the company has successfully launched its own brand, and Pradhan had to draw on lessons learned from his business school days to develop sales, marketing and distribution strategies. The launch of the company’s own brand into the Indian market has provided the company with a stronger competitive and financial position.

The entrepreneurial journey has been a very exciting one for Pradhan, and he strongly recommends others to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. Due to his focus on international business, he is also actively pursuing opportunities with American universities to create internship programs for US graduate students to get hands-on experience doing business in India. According to Pradhan, globalization will continue to create opportunities for students in the area of international trade and business. Success in such roles will depend on the ability of students and employees to create cultural bridges with their counterparts across the globe.

Working in international business was something Pradhan was always interested in pursuing. The thrill of traveling around the world and interacting with people from different countries and cultures was exciting. He feels connected with what he is passionate about and his message to fellow entrepreneurs is this, “Pursue what you are passionate about and follow the voice within your heart. It will always take you down the path that is right for you.”

Pradhan welcomes dialogue about doing business in India and the opportunities and challenges of international business. He can be reached at samirpradhan360@gmail.com. For more information on Pradhan’s companies, visit www.samtectools.com or www.connectivglobal.com

Samir Pradhan
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