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GRAYimage001After graduating from Syracuse, I was working full time at Verve Records in the new media strategic marketing department (a new department at the time). During the course of my time at Syracuse, I interned at The GRP Recoding Company and MTV over three summer breaks, which helped get me the position at Verve Records.

While I was at Verve, I quickly realized that I wanted to be involved in the recording process and not the business aspect of the industry. I’ve always had music in my life. Whether singing, playing piano or playing drums in a band, music had been a life-long passion. I wanted to go out there and make my contribution and mark the best way I could. Audio engineering had my name all over it.

I left Verve and moved to London, England, where I studied recording arts at the School of Audio Engineering in conjunction with Middlesex University. I loved living abroad and highly recommend it to anyone—it’s the best education ever!

I left London and moved back to New York City to start working at Quad Recording Studios in Times Square, where I got an entirely new education. During my time at Quad, I became Kevin “Caveman” Shirley’s assistant engineer. Kevin has been a major influence on my career. He taught me the art and science of audio engineering and showed me the true essence of the music industry. At the time when I started assisting Kevin (late 2003/early 2004), he had Zed Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC, Aerosmith, the Black Crows and on and on under his belt. I worked with Kevin until the summer of 2005 when he decided to relocate to Malibu, California. He asked if I might like to move to Las Vegas, build a recording studio and be apart of Las Vegas industry lore (not sure if that happened, but I did learn).

The next day, I was on a plane and had a job interview with the legendary Zoe Thrall, director of Avatar Recording Studios and The Hit Factory in New York City. The Hit Factory had closed it doors, and Zoe was recruited by George Maloof and the Maloof family (who owned the Palms Hotel & Casino at that time) to advise, build and run Studio at the Palms, alongside Technical Director Brent Spear (formerly of Electric Lady Land Studios and The Hit Factory). I moved to Las Vegas two weeks later.

Moving to Las Vegas in October of 2005 was one of the greatest decisions I have made. I learned the audio engineering profession, music business, hotel business…and about real life really quickly. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the industry’s greatest producers and engineers, including Kevin Shirley, Ed Cherney, Eddie Krammer, Alan Parsons, Pat Thrall, Flood, Allen Molder, Gerry Finn, George Massenburg, Dr. Dre, Tricky Stewart and RedZone team, as well as leading artists such as Celine Dion, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Guns N’ Roses, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Joe Bonamassa, Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana, etc.

After 11 years in Vegas, you tend to reevaluate things. I was in need of a new entrepreneurial experience and a breath of humid air, so leaving Sin City came natural at that point in time. Since February 2016, I have been back on the east coast working in New York City and at The Clubhouse Studios in the Hudson Valley, while maintaining working relationships with my clients in Vegas. I have started my own business, Gray Noise, in Princeton, New Jersey, where I have just finished building my own mix room. I edit and mix all the projects that I am involved with there and do my recording work mainly out of Clubhouse Studios. I am now in the early stages of planning and building a full-blown recording studio in either Princeton or Rhinebeck, New York. It is so scary but, at the same time, so exciting and very rewarding. I highly recommend it and am fully enjoying the process. Thank you for your time.

Mark Everton Gray

Mark Everton Gray

Mark Everton Gray is owner and chief audio engineer at Gray Noise, a venture he started in February 2016 after working 20 years in the music industry. He has held positions at Verve Records and Quad Recording Studios in New York City and was the chief engineer at Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas. He has collaborated with leading producers and engineers as well as famous recording artists. Gray graduated from Syracuse University in 2000 with a degree from Whitman in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises and a minor in music. He studied recording arts at the School of Audio Engineering in conjunction with Middlesex University in London, England.
Mark Everton Gray

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