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Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: James Shomar ’12 M.S. ’14

Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: James Shomar ’12 M.S. ’14

JamesJames Shomar ’12 M.S. ’14 is the CEO of Solstice Power, a developer of proprietary technology for the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and high power microelectronics industries. CPV is an innovative solar power technology that uses high magnification lenses to focus incoming sunlight onto very high efficiency solar cells traditionally used in space applications. CPV faces problems, however, with high magnification which causes extreme heat loads on the solar cells increasing costs and caping performance. Meanwhile, the microelectronics industry is constantly pushing for smaller and smaller processors and circuits producing more and more power. Thermal management is thus becoming an ever increasing concern as current methods can cause chip temperatures to get into the hundreds of degrees centigrade which significantly throttles performance.

Solstice Power’s patent pending high heat transfer cell mount technology solves these problems and allows companies to cool their electronic chips or solar cells under extreme loads seven times better than previous methods. For CPV solar panels, this allows companies to cut the costs of their solar panels in half and the cost of a fully installed solar power system by over 30 percent. For Microelectronics companies, this allows for reduce energy loads, higher performing systems and reduced costs. You can find out more at www.SolsticePower.com.

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