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Douglas Deming Profile PhotoQuestOrganizer is an flight search engine based on mechanical learning that finds savings and adds destinations. The website automates multi-booking travel hack, a technique which connects an optimal combination of one-way flights to build a Quest. This website launched in February 2015 and has been praised by travel industry leaders as it presents a new option for every flight: to visit more than one destination for the same price as a traditional ticket.

For example, using QuestOrganizer to find a spring break vacation from Syracuse (SYR) to London (LGW), QuestOrganizer adds stops in New York City and Reykjavik, Iceland, plus finds savings of $171 as compared to a roundtrip flight found on Kayak: Flight Deal Example. Reykjavik is an incredible place to spend a few days as a stopover and can be added to many transatlantic flights. QuestOrganizer co-founder, Douglas Deming, visited Iceland in March when flying to Boston from London and says it was an adrenaline rush to experience the extreme climates and landscapes, and recommends to take the Golden Circle route.

Deming learned many skills and important lessons while studying at Syracuse. He was able to apply his education in building a solid business model and company structure that will academically withstand obstacles that were foretold in the classrooms of the Whitman School of Management. Currently, his education is navigating QuestOrganzier through the competitive startup battlefield in an already saturated market.

It has been an adventure developing this startup. Deming and his co-founder, Ela Bader, both are travelers and the internet allows for a new type of entrepreneur, the digital nomad. QuestOrganizer development started in January 2014 while they were living in a San Francisco basement apartment. They soon moved to Bader’s home country, Poland, where prices are more reasonable for a website development team. Afterwards, they participated in the Bolt Accelerator in Málaga, Spain. QuestOrganizer went live February in 2015 and, by September 2015, they had begun their second accelerator, Blue Startups in Honolulu, Hawaii (ranked in the top 20 US Accelerators by TechCrunch).

During Deming’s studies at Syracuse, one of the most outwardly spoken words of advice from many successful entrepreneurs was to do what you love. Wanderlust is the primary motivator behind the value proposition of adding extra destinations to planned vacations. The desire to travel is also a strong passion in Deming’s life, which will help drive and endure his business.

QuestOrganizer’s next destination is raising the first round of investment and is currently looking for potential investors. So, If you are interested in participating in this travel market disrupting company please contact Deming at Douglas@QuestOrganizer.com.

Website: http://QuestOrganizer.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/QuestOrganizer/

Twitter: @QuestOrganizer

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