Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Cody Disch ’10

cdCody Disch is the founder and CEO of Ace & Everett, a men’s fashion brand focused on craftsmanship and self-expression. Designed in New York City, Ace & Everett’s socks take inspiration from the intersection of urban architecture and classic haberdashery. Utilizing rare double-cylinder jacquard knitting machines results in a uniquely pronounced texture, replicating the knits and purls from traditional handknitting techniques.

Ace & Everett was inspired by and named after Cody’s grandfather, Raymond Everett Disch, Sr., who was nicknamed Ace. He was a man of effortless confidence who never distinguished between professional polish and personal style.

A fourth generation entrepreneur, Cody recognized a seismic shift in men’s fashion after graduating from Syracuse in 2010. Men were beginning to pay attention to, and pay money for, fit, form and function. In an increasingly casual workplace, Cody noticed the sock was becoming the quintessential vehicle for male self-expression. Building his youthful background as an avid basketball player and sneaker head, Cody channeled a relentless focus and curiosity into a journey to add sophisticated personality to a formerly commodity product, the sock.

Once he chose socks as his brand’s first medium of interaction with the world, Cody went to work building an omni channel distribution strategy to satiate the multifaceted demands of today’s educated consumer. After launching its Ecommerce site in August of 2014, the following year, Ace & Everett introduced a monthly subscription model and began wholesaling. Currently, the line is carried in 24 stores across the country and the company just recently landed its first account in Tokyo.

On a daily basis, Cody leans on his time at Syracuse studying finance and entrepreneurship to tackle daily challenges. Understanding finance, strategy, fundraising and communications–partnered with passion– has enabled Cody to not only create his company’s guiding strategy, but execute.

Cody’s vision is to build the next great American fashion brand and, in ten years, offer a full line of premium apparel for the discerning millennial male.

To learn more about Ace & Everett’s socks, visit www.aceandeverett.com

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