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Freddie1Zen philosopher Alan W. Watts once said: “This is the real secret of life –to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” My entrepreneurial activities have taught me precisely what Watts said, and that you always have to be true to yourself.

I’ve always found joy when starting up companies, and helping entrepreneurs. Over the years, I’ve been involved in different ventures; for instance, a film director friend and I created a T.V. show called CINERAMA that focused on the film industry. It was showcased to the leading Mexican movie theater companies.

Also, as a volunteer for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL) based in Newark, New Jersey, I helped an entrepreneur from New Jersey with her business idea.

Currently I’m enjoying managing two companies that I founded. The first is AMORIE JOLIE, a brand of body lotions and body sprays with fruity scents. Before I left for the Whitman School of Management, it was one of the three most important body lotions and body sprays brands in the state of Aguascalientes, México. It’s sold in Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.

In the Whitman M.B.A. program, I learned that it’s highly advisable to create a business that’s related to one of your passions (and what are passions if not ways to realize life is just play?), and that comes as second nature to you. So, after graduation, Stone Cold Music was born.

Stone Cold Music (SCM) is a store that sells difficult-to-get music items. It sells blu-rays, DVDs, records, cassettes, books and videogames that appeal to music collectors. SCM’s acknowledged in the city of Aguascalientes as THE PLACE to get all the music that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s sold items to customers in such countries as England and Russia.

Additionally, SCM finances companies. Currently it’s funding Click2Go! Tours, the most important travel agency in the state for concertgoers that sells tours to music concerts held in other Mexican cities, such as Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Finally, SCM’s been a sponsor of rock concerts in Aguascalientes, including acts such as Pierce the Veil (acknowledged by the world-renowned rock magazine Kerrang! as one of the best international bands in 2013), The Iron Maidens (the all-female tribute band to metal act Iron Maiden and acknowledged by this British group), and Havok (currently on an American tour with the successful American band Megadeth).

You can help me with this thrilling venture with your comments, advice, and business opportunities. Also by liking SCM’s page!

As you can see, this “serial entrepreneurship” adventure has been exciting, and after all these experiences, I’ve realized that for an entrepreneur, success and failure in ventures aren’t that significant since entrepreneurship is more than winning or losing; it’s a way of life–one that’s full of experiences worth living for! If you as an entrepreneur understand this, you’ll realize that you’re already what you need.

Christian Giancarlo Perez Romo

Christian Giancarlo Perez Romo

Christian Giancarlo Pérez Romo earned his MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management in 2009. A former Fulbright Scholar (’06-’09), he was awarded the only Mexican Fulbright Grant available to pursue an MBA in 2006 in recognition of distinctive achievement in business. He also holds a diploma in finance and a B.S. in management and international business. Passionate about music and films, he took the Music Recording and Film Business courses at Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He has played guitar for 23 years and took guitar and music lessons for seven years. During his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar with his heavy metal band and giving guitar lessons.
Christian Giancarlo Perez Romo

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