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Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Brett Kaplan ’15

Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Brett Kaplan ’15

The idea for Brett’s Napkin started by accident. I was on the phone with a good friend of mine who was moving to Miami and asked if I could create a budget for him. I quickly grabbed a pen and a napkin off my kitchen table and began asking him questions about his income and financial objectives, and within 15 minutes built him a simple budget on a napkin. I quickly realized this napkin could be a concept for a personal finance blog, where I could explain at an elementary level, topics such as budgeting, investing, saving and retirement planning, all which could fit on a napkin. And Brett’s Napkin was born. Founded in July 2018, our goal is to be the premier personal finance blog.

Brett’s Napkin is your coach on all things finance. My advice and tips all fit on a napkin. After reading my napkin, we dive into the details on topics such as investing, saving, student loans, credit cards, early retirement planning and living in retirement, just to name a few. My objective is to help you build an understanding of your finances and how to be effective and efficient when using and investing your money.

As a fellow Whitman alumnus, I am asking you to check us out at www.brettsnapkin.com and if you like what you see, spread the word with your family, friends and anyone else you think can benefit from it. Also, personal feedback and content suggestions are much appreciated, and I am happy to answer any questions at brett@brettsnapkin.com.

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