Featured Alumni Entrepreneur: Brandon Reiter ’16

Upon his graduation from Whitman, Brandon Reiter ’16 knew he wanted to have a career in finance but wasn’t exactly sure where his passion truly lied. After bouncing around many different jobs in the industry, including being a retail banker at the JP Morgan headquarters in New York City, Reiter went on to be the finance director for his family business, a premier sleep-away camp in northeast Pennsylvania.

During the global pandemic, Reiter was thrust into a role, as a young 25-year-old, trying to navigate a multi-million dollar business through an entire year of no revenue. He participated in industry-wide zooms, listening to and giving advice on best practices and available government grant programs to survive. He saw firsthand not only the hardships his business faced but what most small businesses were up against across the globe. He finally realized what his passion was.

In May of 2021, Reiter launched Skyview CFO, a virtual financial consulting firm for small businesses with a mission to help entrepreneurs optimally grow their business. Since the launch, Reiter has assisted over a dozen small businesses with bookkeeping, business plan writing, cash flow forecasting and strategic consultation. Skyview also provides college students with an incredible hands-on internship experience, where they are given the unique opportunity to interact directly with small business CEOs and learn the myriad complexities that go into managing and growing business.

With the world becoming more and more virtual, especially due to the ripple effects of the pandemic, Reiter expects the virtual CFO will be a booming concept that will allow growing start-ups an affordable alternative to hiring an expensive in-house professional.

Reiter is also currently pursuing his Master’s in Accounting part-time from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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