Featured Alumna: Namrata Shenoy ’16

Since 2010, nearly 75 students have taken all three courses offered within the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (SEP), graduating with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise (CASSE). Many go on to exciting careers where they are using what they learned in the classroom about sustainable business practices. Namrata Shenoy ’16 works as an environmental specialist. She recently shared her experience with Voices.

Q. What are your job responsibilities?

A. As an environmental specialist for Facebook, I am responsible for the environmental regulatory compliance and environmental management of business operations.

Q. Why did you enroll in CASSE?

A. I enrolled in CASSE  because of my interest in sustainability, specifically to answer this question – “why should/do businesses choose to be sustainable and what benefits do they perceive in going green?”

Q. How did CASSE help you gain the experience needed to be successful in your career?

A. CASSE provided me with the opportunity to work on several projects with cross-functional teams. Each CASSE team often is comprised of an environmental engineer, MBA student, engineering management (supply chain/sourcing) and sometimes a student with an economics/finance background. Each member brings to the table their diverse academic backgrounds and professional perspectives, realistically mimicking a real-world project. I learned a lot while collaborating, debating, convincing and problem-solving with my team members!

Q. What was the best part about CASSE?

A. The best part about CASSE without a doubt would be the exceptional professors (Todd Moss, Sharon Moran, David Newman and Cliff Davidson) that guide and teach the course. I received tremendous encouragement and professional guidance from them. They are all very positive, approachable and above all – willing to advise and support you every step of the way.

Q. What are your future career plans?

A. Despite three years of work experience and a master’s degree, I am still a noob in the professional world! So more learning and research in store for me.