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Featured Alumna Entrepreneur: Danielle Donovan ’09

Featured Alumna Entrepreneur: Danielle Donovan ’09

CHEERFIT (www.cheerfittraining.com) is a fitness community for cheerleaders. The CHEERFIT platform connects cheerleaders, coaches, and parents around the world through the power of fitness. Here at CHEERFIT, we are more than just a fitness brand–we are an inspiration, a lifestyle and a community. 

CHEERFIT was founded by Danielle Donovan ’09 who double majored in marketing management and entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises. Donovan was a cheerleader for the Syracuse Orange from 2005 to 2009. She founded CHEERFIT after personally experiencing the dangers of the cheer sport when she tore her ACL not once, but twice during her collegiate cheerleading career at SU.

When faced with the question of yet another surgery, Donovan instead turned to fitness. Through fitness, she was able to strengthen her knee to full recovery. She realized fitness was the answer, not just for her, but for the cheerleading industry as a whole. It was then that CHEERFIT was born! Donovan created CHEERFIT to be the fitness solution for the cheerleading industry, providing cheerleaders with specific cheer exercises and workout plans unique to the cheer sport.

Featured in Founder Made’s “Top 10 Next Biggest Wellness Brands in 2016,” NBC’s “Hottest New Workout Trends,” FITNESS magazine, Livestrong, Yahoo Beauty and more, the CHEERFIT programs provide a convenient and affordable solution with specific emphasis on the fitness principles as they pertain exclusively to cheerleaders.

Here at CHEERFIT, we focus on three main things: cheer, fitness and community.

Cheer: We are a fitness community for cheerleaders–connecting thousands of cheerleaders, parents and coaches around the world through our CHEERFIT Ambassador membership.  

Fitness: Through our fitness plans, we are empowering the world to build confidence through fitness, reach their goals and get CHEERFIT Strong!

Community: The CHEERFIT community has become a family, motivating each other both online and offline at CHEERFIT meet-ups and pop-up events. Through the community, our CHEERFIT Ambassadors and their parents have been able to connect and create new friendships, share stories and empower each other to reach new goals.

Our main program is our Ambassador membership, which has truly taken the industry by storm. The CHEERFIT Ambassador membership provides thousands of cheerleaders and their parents premium access to weekly cheer based workouts, CHEERFIT TV, community, media opportunities and special invites to online and offline meet-ups and events.

Our additional programs include our online consulting service for parents and the CHEERFIT Certification which allows Ambassadors 18+, coaches and former cheerleaders the opportunity to get certified to teach the official CHEERFIT Bootcamp and bring CHEERFIT to their gym.

We continue to grow and expand through the power of our community and our social media presence, which has grown to over 20,000. CHEERFIT is well known throughout the competitive cheer world, and we continue to grow and innovate every single day! We are a small but mighty team with the ability to quickly scale. Weve got big goals and dreams and are excited to see CHEERFIT continue to grow.

Anybody wishing to learn more about CHEERFIT or founder Danielle Donovan can visit www.cheerfittraining.com or email Donovan directly at danielle@cheerfittraining.com.

Danielle Donovan

Danielle (Wechsler) Donovan is the founder of CHEERFIT and a fitness expert for cheerleaders. After graduating from Syracuse University in 2009 with a double major in marketing management and entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises, Donovan focused her professional career within the health and wellness industry. After gaining experience in the corporate world as project manager, brand manager, and director of acquisitions, in 2015 she decided to put 100 percent focus into CHEERFIT and pursue her own company full time. As CEO of CHEERFIT,Donovan is known as the fitness expert for the cheerleading industry. She holds national fitness certifications through the American Council on Exercise and specializes in youth fitness, sports conditioning and group fitness. She has been featured by various medium including NBC, FITNESS Magazine, Livestrong, Yahoo Beauty and the NY Post. Donovan continues to innovate, create and develop new programs, keeping CHEERFIT the leader in the cheer and fitness industry.
Danielle Donovan

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