Dear Whitman Alumni: August Message from Cindie Adams

CindieAdams_185x240You’ve heard it time and again, that Orange is everywhere. You likely have your own story about seeing our beloved Otto on a fellow alum’s T-shirt when you were thousands of miles from home on vacation. The fact that SU alumni are all over the globe is one of the things I love about my job.

Anyone who knows me understands my passion for traveling and meeting new people. I pursued my MBA many years ago as an avenue to see the world, and I worked in global marketing for several years. Though I obviously see many Whitman and SU alumni in my professional excursions, I’m almost always pleasantly surprised by the familiar “S” when I travel abroad for vacation.

My other passion is sports and, like many of you, I am an avid fan of sports’ biggest stage, the Olympics. With the Games of the XXXI Olympiad now taking place in Rio (and alumna Rebecca Barreto ’14, who you’ll meet in this issue, living and working there in her homeland), I thought this month’s newsletter would be fitting for celebrating our international alumni as well as those from the US who are living overseas.

Thousands of our alumni came to SU from points all over the globe. Many return home to work for a family business (like Chandini DP ’09 MBA and Samir Pradhan ’91 MBA, who you’ll also meet in this issue) or to start their own venture (like entrepreneur Katherine Najera ’14). And it’s not uncommon for one sibling to follow in the steps of another who has attended SU. The Alshegry family of Saudi Arabia counts four SU alumni among them.

Whitman also boasts a large number of American alumni who have made their home outside of the US. In this issue, you’ll get to know Dustin Palmer ’07, a manager for Deloitte in Ireland, and Ben Wightman ’99, who has worked in Singapore for more than a decade.

The international mix of students at Whitman makes their four (or so) years with us so richly diverse. And the variety of backgrounds and experiences of alumni from all walks of life and corners of the world make the SU alumni bond so strong and far reaching.

I have enjoyed connecting with with many of you and hearing the fond memories of your time at Syracuse and how your academic experience impacted your professional career. I hope to see and meet many more of you next month, when thousands of orange-clad alumni from dozens of countries return to their alma mater for homecoming. Details for the two Whitman events and RSVP information for all Orange Central 2016 events on campus can be found in this issue. Please let me know if I can expect to see you!


Cindie Adams, Whitman Executive Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations

Cindie Adams