Creating connections for accounting alumni: Marc Ben-Ami

Marc Ben-Ami is one of ten family members to attend Syracuse University over the years.
Marc Ben-Ami is one of ten family members to attend Syracuse University over the years.

As one of ten family members to attend Syracuse University, Marc Ben-Ami has always bled orange. His decision to attend Syracuse and Whitman was cemented by the programs the schools had to offer.

Fresh out of college, recent graduates normally start in a job with a wide range of responsibilities. Ben-Ami (Whitman ’00) had the opposite experience, working with PwC exclusively in forensic accounting for 13 years following graduation. Now in his new role as director of forensic accounting at Botwinick & Company, Ben-Ami is leading and developing the forensic accounting services while being involved in a broader area of traditional services.

During his years on campus, Ben-Ami had two mentors who stood out as being critical to his collegiate success. The first, Hanna Richardson, worked closely with Ben-Ami when he was a peer advisor leader, a similar program to the current IMPRESS Program peer mentors. Richardson, currently the associate deputy director of the Renée Crown University Honors Program, instilled the idea of working together and comradery in Ben-Ami.

The second mentor, director of Department of Recreation Services Joe Lore, taught Ben-Ami about professionalism through the way he treated Ben-Ami and other student employees. From being a team captain to organizing intramural sports, the courtesy and respect Lore demonstrated to Ben-Ami are ideals he learned and uses every day at Botwinik & Co. Even to this day, when Ben-Ami visits Syracuse he will frequently stop by Archbold to catch up with Lore.

Since graduation, Ben-Ami has been on the Accounting Alumni Council for Whitman. The council is comprised of a group of alumni in the accounting profession, who work both to connect accounting alumni as a group and to connect those alumni with current students who have an interest in accounting. In 2012, Ben-Ami was the recipient of the Whitman School of Management’s Young Alumnus of the Year award.

Ben-Ami’s advice for current Whitman students is to put yourself out there. It is never too early to network, as the parents of your friends are great resources when looking for advice and assistance. In college and during your career, it is important to be proactive when looking to see what career opportunities are in store. In the realm of career advice, Ben-Ami emphasized the importance of talking to people in similar careers and job paths.

Currently, Ben-Ami resides in New Jersey and frequently returns to campus to visit. And, as always, he bleeds orange.

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