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December 2015 Class News, Notes and Thanks

December 2015 Class News, Notes and Thanks

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Robin Dale Hait ’87 − Regional Sales Ececutive, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Marty Kovacevich ‘90 MBA − CX Applications Sales Manager, Oracle

Chris Roelle ’99 − Head of Cross Screen Sales – Midwest, VideoAmp

Chris Barnhill ’04 − Business Development Manager for Verizon Wireless Wholesale, Verizon Wireless

Rachel Walters ’04 − Re-joining the marketing department, The HYM Investment Group, LLC

Scott DeBruin ‘05 MBA − Director, Americas Demand Management, Bristo-Myers Squibb

Daniel Yates ’05 – President, Sandbridge Marine Corporation

Denelle Numis ’06 − Co-Founder & Head Teacher, Brewhouse Yoga, Denelle Yoga

Joseph Valentino ’07 − Clinical Sales Specialist, Medtronic

Whitney Hart ’08 − Fashion Calendar Manager, Shopbop

Douglas Finkelstein ’09 − Supported Employment Specialist, Arc Midlands

Lindsay Levine ’09 − Manager Procurement Training, Policy and Governance, Colgate Palmolive

Tory Gentes ’10 − Immersive Ethnographer, The Palmerston Group

Amie Segel ’10 − Associate Director, Eastern Consolidated

Sarah Staller ’10 − Business Director-Fine Jewelry, Macy’s

Shih-Hong (Vincent) Chang ’12 − Business Analyst, Nogle Limited

Jessie Chung ’12 − Campaign Manager, Amazon

Gary Hendler ’13 − Associate District Manager, Aramark Uniform Services

Nick Kowalski ’13 − Assistant Store Manager, Victoria’s Secret

Jenna Maldiner ’13 − Associate Brand Building Manager-Face Care, Unilever

Eliza Spencer ’13 − Senior Consultant, Grant Thornton

Qing Xia ‘13 M.S. − Product Services Analyst, Barclays

Nupur Gokhale ’15 − MBA Digital Marketing Analyst, Publicis


Whitman extends it sincere thanks to the following alumni who participated in the IMPRESS Program Current Challenges Speakers Series:

Todd Harris ’91 (A&S), VP of Broadcasting for the National Basketball Association

Michael Weiss ’62 (A&S), former CEO of Express, Inc.



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