Annual Beta Alpha Psi Banquet Recognizes Students’ Academic Achievements

The Joseph L. Lubin School of Accounting was pleased to recognize these students and faculty at its annual Spring banquet in April 2022.

Institute of Internal Auditors Award
Julia Fiedler ’21, ’22 M.S.

NYSSCPA Career Preparation Award
Undergraduate: Djenaba Sow ’22, ’23 M.S.
Graduate: Dulaima Huo ’22 M.S.

NYSSCPA Academic Achievement Award
Undergraduate: Haley Francois ’22, ’23 M.S.
Graduate: Emily Woodilla ’20, ’21 M.S.

PCAOB Scholarship
Kelly Kritz ’21, ’22 M.S.

Lubin School of Accounting Outstanding Faculty Award
MaryAnn Monforte, professor of accounting practice

Lubin School Undergraduate Scholarship Awards:

Horace Landry Undergraduate Scholars
Malia Cruchley ’22, Jacob Segal ’22 and John Verdi ’22

A. William Trelawny Award
Madelyn Morrissey ’22

David E. Tosh Award
Hee Jin Lyou ’22

Firm-Sponsored Awards:

KPMG DEI Rising Star Award
Anika Sahityani ’25 (WHIT/iSchool)

KPMG Future Business Leader Award
Jack Wilson ’22

Ernst & Young Scholarship Award
Matthew Levine ’22

PwC Leadership Award
Haley Francois '22, '23 M.S.

Tracy Halpin Award
Haley Francois '22, '23 M.S.

Beta Alpha Psi Officers 2022
Haley Francois '22, '23 M.S., president
Julia Guidone ’24, vice president
Anika Sahityani '25, treasurer
Paula Ostrowska ’24, membership and secretary
Victoria Lichak ’23 (WHIT/iSchool), community service and tutoring coordinator
Angela Wu ’23 (WHIT/A&S), alumni relations and social media