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Alumni of the Week: Zachary Akens ’15

Alumni of the Week: Zachary Akens ’15

ZachAkensI began my freshman year at Syracuse University in 2011 as a sports management major, but somewhat confused on what I wanted to do with my life. During my freshman year, I took an economics course that spurred my affinity for business.

I switched gears my sophomore year and entered the Whitman School of Management where I took a variety of classes that opened my eyes to the myriad of finance-focused careers available. In high school, I assumed a career in finance meant Wall Street and big banks; however, throughout my time at Whitman, I learned of the different opportunities open to me and where my degree in finance could take me.

Fast forward three years when I accepted a position in Macy’s Executive Development Program (EDP). Since starting at Macy’s, I’ve held a handful of different posts, including Credit and Capital Planning. While different fields of sorts, both posts have given me the autonomy to be creative and find ways to raise revenue and cut costs at the corporate level.

Zachary Akens
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