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Fleming_Seth%202Coming from a small town in Ohio, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at Syracuse. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can say that my time at Syracuse – and Whitman specifically – helped me develop skills that have been instrumental in shaping my career. I knew that I had a passion for business, but I wasn’t sure where specifically that passion lied. After taking the management core my sophomore year, I found my answer in supply chain management. I had a natural passion for operations and process improvement–elements that were intrinsically tied to the supply chain curriculum.

My favorite course was professor Gary La Point’s Supply Chain Consulting course, which I took during my junior year. My group was partnered with an operations team at Carrier, and we were able to identify tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings by removing inefficiencies in the company’s outbound shrink-wrap operation. Now, having eight years of professional experience under my belt, I realize that the savings we helped the Carrier reap were small change, but the end-to-end experience of scoping a problem with a real-world client, the expectation of delivering actual results and the insights we gained by working with Professor La Point all confirmed that I had found my professional passion.

The following semester, I studied abroad at Syracuse’s London Center. Prior, I had never been outside North America. Suddenly, over the course of 16 weeks, I was able to travel to 10 new countries while trying to absorb everything I could about London between travel schedules and coursework. I discovered a new passion: travel. I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of both these passions in my life after Whitman, living and working up and down the East Coast and working for a year in China before carving out new personal and professional adventures in the great American West.

My connections to Syracuse remain strong through the skills and abilities I utilize every day at work and the friendships I made during my time there. My favorite pastimes are the two annual trips I take with fellow Syracuse alumni; one is a ski trip and the other is al summertime trip of some sort. Though the adventures of life have spread us across the country, the bonds we formed at Syracuse are as strong as ever.

Seth Fleming

Seth Fleming

Seth Fleming graduated from Whitman in May of 2008 with a double degree in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises and supply chain management. He currently serves as a senior program manager at Amazon. After his first year at Amazon managing supply chain execution for the company's rapidly expanding ‘Prime Now’ premium delivery service, he accepted a role in Amazon’s sustainability organization with a specific focus on the protection of worker’s rights within Amazon’s global operations. Fleming was recently married and resides in the Seattle area with his wife. He enjoys hiking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing and exploring the Pacific Northwest.
Seth Fleming

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