Alumni of the Week: Sandeep Ramachandran ’15 MBA

DSC_2122Pursing an MBA has always been my career goal and I was very confident that I wanted to specialize in supply chain management. With a technical background and some supply chain experience, I was always fascinated by how each and every material in this world is connected to the components of supply chain just like a huge spider web. While researching about various colleges, I came across the Whitman School, which focuses immensely on experiential learning and has one of the top supply chain programs.

During my time at Whitman, apart from the usual course work, I used to constantly interact and associate with several faculty members, including Gary La Point, Burak Kazaz, Fred Easton, Patrick Penfield and Michel Benaroch, etc. Each one them was easily approachable and ready to guide me to be successful. There were several projects that I was involved with but the two most memorable ones were the Lean Six Sigma and the Staples consulting projects.

The Lean class offered by Gary was really informational and we were able to apply the DMAIC methodology to a real-life project in which we put together a proposal to Crouse hospital to improve its patient discharge process. Similarly, while working on the Staples project under Burak, we were provided with huge sets of real data to analyze and offer recommendations to Staples for its inventory excellence. Getting involved in such projects and learning new things each day kept me enthusiastic throughout my 20 months at Whitman.

Preparing for a career that you feel passionate about and working towards that goal can be challenging. I was fortunate to land a job with Resilinc, which is a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain risk management solutions. At Resilinc, I manage several customers, and I have been able to provide valuable supply chain insights from my Whitman experience.

While I was preparing for my interview with Resilinc, I stumbled upon a video of the 2012 Whitman Salzburg event where my current CEO was speaking as a panelist. I was a regular attendee of the event during my time in the college and this pleasant coincidence was an ice breaker for my interview with the CEO. I have been loving what I do and opportunity is endless in this interesting field.

Fortunately, I have been able to maintain my relationship with Whitman and I am now a part of the California Development Steering Committee formed by the Whitman Career Center to improve placements in the Bay area. My advice to the current students is to have a proper plan that you would like to achieve by the end of your college days and work towards it tirelessly.

Sandeep Ramachandran
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