Alumni of the Week: Prue Lotharius ’09 MBA

PhotoWhitman’s MBA program was my first choice out of the handful of schools that I was accepted into. The other schools were actually ranked higher than Whitman, but Whitman offered the entire package and, in the end, it didn’t disappoint.

The professors and coursework gave me a great knowledge base to pull from in real world business situations, and I am forever grateful for being required to take grad-level finance and statistics courses, because I certainly would not have voluntarily signed up for those.

I use everything that I learned in school; however, my greatest compliment of Whitman is how hard they pushed the importance of the summer internship. Without being told over and over how this internship could shape the rest of my life, I probably would have settled for a non-challenging local internship just to meet the requirement. There was so much emphasis placed on using the career support tools that Whitman had available–Career Center, on-campus speaker events, meeting with alumni, attending out-of-state career fairs, etc.–to find the highest caliber internship and we all took it very seriously. I worked incredibly hard and have never interviewed so much in my life. I eventually found the perfect internship for me. I was responsible for creating and executing the marketing strategy for an enterprise-wide project at The Hartford in Hartford, Conn. That internship opened many doors for me. I would not have advanced so quickly in my career without the impressive internship I landed at The Hartford, and that would not have been possible without Whitman and the career services provided.

I am very happy that I took two years off to attend the full-time Whitman MBA program because it will give me 40 plus years of being one step ahead in my career. I never thought that, at the age of 31, I would be named “40 Under 40” in a Midwest publication and it certainly would not have happened without the education, experience and skills I gained at Whitman.

Prue Lotharius
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