Alumni of the Week: Pearl Berkowitz ’14

pearl-berkowitzSince graduation, I have held positions in retail and digital media marketing, including my first position with Uniqlo, for which I was recruited because of my Whitman connection, and my second job with POPSUGAR, to which I was introduced by a Whitman alumna. My most recent position working for EY is my most exciting, yet.

Having recently been promoted, I am now a senior consultant on the Global Mobility team at EY Israel. More specifically, I am an account manager for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, assisting with international relocation for the company’s employees. My daily responsibilities include communicating with global EY offices, coordinating new assignments from the perspective of tax, compliance, immigration and assignment services, and preparing tax calculations detailing the costs of anticipated assignments.

Having worked in several different fields, I credit my flexibility to my studies at Whitman, where students are very lucky to study such a range of courses. I am able to apply my skills and studies learned from all my classes, ranging from basic accounting courses to retail studies.

I am thankful for the many opportunities given to me while enrolled at Syracuse. I owe a special thanks to the wonderful professors, staff and alumni at Whitman. Professors like Linda Cushman and Amanda Nicholson helped shaped the professional person I am today. Kristen DeWolf in the Whitman Career Center was a huge help when it came to my initial internship and career searches, and I credit my ability to now assist friends with their resumes and career searches to her.

Upon my move to Israel, I immediately reached out to SU alumni via Linkedin and received such great career advice. In the future, I hope to help fellow Whitman alumni like so many have helped me.

My advice to current and future students is to not be as close minded as I was. Had someone told me six years ago that I would eventually work for EY, I would have laughed. My advice is to really take in all the courses Whitman has to offer and to be open to various fields of study. I am truly thankful for my time spent at Whitman and am grateful for the successful career it has prepared me to achieve.

Pearl Berkowitz
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