Alumni of the Week: Niki Leung ’14

Syracuse University was an unknown place to me when I arrived (I didn’t even visit the campus!), but it became my home instantly. I created great memories and friendships in Whitman and outside Whitman. A few unforgettable experiences were travelling to Nicaragua and Guatemala with the SIFE/ENACTUS team with Professor Nicholson, going to Nationals with SIFE/ENACTUS, studying abroad in Beijing, and helping women transition from a halfway house to the “real world.”

During my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to work abroad after graduation, so I made sure my internships during college would enable me to do that. I subsequently interned in Hong Kong and Beijing.

By the fall of my senior year, I landed a job at Techtronic Industries (TTI) after graduation. TTI relocated me to Cleveland, Ohio, for a year and then to Hong Kong a year later. In Cleveland, I was on the Product Development/Management Team for the Oreck brand. Once I relocated to Hong Kong, my role changed drastically. TTI is a B2B company, and I was asked to implement a B2C business model for the Hoover® vacuum/air purifier brand in Hong Kong. It was great exposure and had a steep learning curve, but after almost three years at TTI, I decided I wanted a change.

Now, I spearhead marketing for a company called Lightfoot Travel in Hong Kong. Lightfoot is a luxury, tailor-made travel company. My responsibility is to help grow the brand and gain market share in Hong Kong. I have yet to figure out what I want to do in my long-term career, but I believe this is a great next step.

Niki Leung
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