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Alumni of the Week: Megan Clark ’14

Alumni of the Week: Megan Clark ’14

Megan Clark_PictureArriving at Syracuse University almost six years ago, I never could have imagined the endless opportunities the Whitman School would provide me during and after school. From my first class to my last, the faculty at Whitman were accessible, supportive and motivating. Coming into Syracuse as a Newhouse/Whitman dual student, I was undecided which majors were the right pair for me. My advisors were both knowledgeable about the dual program and eager to help me make the best decision for my future. Ultimately, I graduated with dual degrees in public relations and marketing management.

One aspect of Whitman I appreciated most was the unique and versatile curriculum. At Whitman, I was able to take many classes outside of my marketing management major such as entrepreneurship, finance and accounting. The school allowed me to tailor my Whitman electives to gain further exposure to specific material in which I was interested.

One of the most useful classes I took at Whitman was the capstone class. Capstone allowed me to work with students of all different majors on an exciting project of our choice. I was able to take all I had learned in my previous classes and combine disciplines for one business idea. During Capstone, the faculty encouraged friendly competition and pushed the groups to develop unique and out-of-the-box business ideas.

Currently, I work as a communications planner at an advertising agency in New York City on the Procter & Gamble and J.M Smucker’s brands. My education and experiences at Whitman have allowed me to think more strategically when building out media plans, ultimately mapping each decision back to a business objective. The skills, hands on experience and network of colleagues I gained at the Whitman School have been instrumental in building my career. I am extremely proud to call myself a Whitman School of Management alum and will forever bleed orange!


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