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Alumni of the Week: Marko Milosevic ’17 MBA

Alumni of the Week: Marko Milosevic ’17 MBA

Alumni of the Week: Marko Milosevic ’17 MBA, Business Analytics + Marketing Management (dual)

My parents are independent business owners, and I’ve watched them grow their company into a successful enterprise. So it comes as no surprise that when it was time for me to go to college I would choose business school. Immediately after graduating from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), I entered the professional workforce in the logistics industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for some very high-performance organizations and to have gained a lot of experience in a relatively short amount of time.

I knew immediately upon entering the professional workforce that I needed to stand out from the crowd, and that’s where MBA@syracuse came in. The flexibility of scheduling with an online platform was very attractive, but even more so was the curriculum. Not only are the classes engaging and challenging, but the residencies and networking opportunities are bar-none. I really feel like an involved part of the Syracuse community, even from over 2,600 miles away.

The program has helped me tremendously in my career. I’m able to make better business decisions, communicate more effectively, and I’m able to contribute to the success of my organization at a higher level. My current organization emphasizes the use of data to drive change and to help make our customer’s lives easier – so pursuing a degree in business analytics was not only a great fit with my career, but it is also a challenging and interesting area of study. Studying marketing at a higher level has also taught me to communicate more effectively with customers by understanding their needs and adjusting our post-sales relationship management with them to ensure a life-long business partnership.

I take a lot of pride in the work that I do, and I never stop promoting SU. I love watching the sports broadcasts, and whenever friends or colleagues ask “Where should I go to get my MBA?,” I always tell them to check out SU.

Go Orange!

Marko Milosevic
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