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Alumni of the Week: Lexie Gottfried ’11

Alumni of the Week: Lexie Gottfried ’11

lexie-gottfried_photoWhitman opened my eyes to various professions and opportunities as I engaged in challenging courses and took advantage of the many networking opportunities offered. As a freshman entering college, my major was undecided. I began my studies by taking classes such as accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing and retail. Being exposed to the various fields in business enabled me to choose and declare a dual major in marketing and management.

Whitman taught me many long-term skillsets that are utilized daily in my profession, such as teamwork, dedication and public speaking. Working in teams and presentation skills must be learned and developed. Whitman made it a priority to ensure that all students are exposed to these and other skills throughout their undergraduate years. From first semester freshman year through senior year, there were semester-long projects that requited full participation from everyone on the team.

With a satellite office in New York City, I have been able to stay connected to my alma mater. I am currently part of the Whitman Young Advisory Council, which is a dedicated group of alumni who feel strongly about our commitment to the Whitman community. This new group is planning to host networking events on Syracuse’s campus for current students in addition to off-campus alumni-focused events.


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