Alumni of the Week: Jason Edinger ’06

FB_IMG_1444392204497During my years at the Whitman School of Management, I learned a great deal about accounting, supply chain management, basic financial principles and entrepreneurship. These important subjects are the foundation of a sound business acumen and have served me well since graduation. I also greatly value the lessons that Whitman taught me about general business leadership. From day one, I found Whitman professors to be naturally educated and competent about the subjects and courses they taught, but I also sensed a strong theme of leadership and philanthropy which pervaded the curriculum of its many diverse courses.

From my first general introductory class (SOM 122) through my final capstone project, I was continuously impressed with the level of knowledge of and passion for the subject matter displayed by my professors. Even more impressive was the emphasis on leadership within the larger business community. Skills and talent will always take one far in business, but to truly excel over the course of a career, we must all assume some degree of leadership at some stage. Along with my experience as a commissioned army officer, I feel that my time at Whitman provided me with the technical tools necessary to be competent in my field while also nourishing and developing my leadership ability, which has been as great of a contributor as any to my overall career success.

Post-graduation, I have been equally impressed with Whitman’s alumni community. From eager-to-help alumni to official career-oriented events to a pioneering social media presence, it is clear that the Whitman alumni outreach efforts are a high priority for the school. Beyond the official resources available to alumni (database, networking groups, job board, etc.), I have found Whitman grads in particular to be more than willing to go the extra mile to assist fellow alumni. Quite regularly I find myself meeting Whitman alumni for lunch or coffee, learning about their story and establishing a genuine, mutual connection based on the idea that we all benefit when we are able to help one another.

I believe my time spent at Whitman prepared me to succeed in the very competitive world of professional finance. Beyond the finer details about how to analyze and value a company, I was able to absorb and retain the big picture ideas about successful business practices that I have put to use in both my military and professional careers. Equally as important, I have been able to tap into and leverage the school’s robust alumni community, a resource which I very frequently use in the normal course of my business and professional opportunities. This one-two punch of a quality undergraduate education and a best of breed alumni community is one of the many key factors that make the Whitman School so special. I am very grateful for my time at the School and the University, and I intend to continue to play an active role in the Whitman community in the future.

Jason Edinger
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