Alumni of the Week: James Hornung Jr. ’12

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANzAAAAJDNlMWU3OTMzLWYyMzktNDhjNS05NDE3LWVmMDE1MDI4MGU5YQI knew I wanted to go to Syracuse University since I was five years old. The reason for this was that I grew up in a very close family where there are three main rules:

1) Family comes first

2) No tattoos

3) No one is allowed to go to Georgetown University

In my family, it was a cardinal sin to speak of Georgetown University or have an excuse to miss the Orange during March Madness. My grandfather, Donny, and my uncle, Robert, both graduated from Syracuse and have bled Orange more than anyone I have ever met. Still following in my family’s footsteps, I wanted to explore the business world and learn from an institution that has helped the family I so dearly respect, love and look up to. Enter Whitman School of Management.

At Whitman, I double majored in marketing and entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises. I didn’t know how at the time, but Whitman gave me the foundation for what would be the beginning of my professional career in the Tech/SaaS world. This foundation was built on countless hours working on group projects, setting deadlines, collaboration, business case strategy and, most importantly, time management. Looking back on my experience, it’s now that I have a true appreciation for how the curriculum at Whitman is structured and how it correlates with the real world.

To elaborate on this, upon graduation I packed all my personal belongings into my car and drove to the Gold Coast to embark on life after college. I was working as a sales intern at There, I leveraged my experiences to quickly rise to the top of the leaderboards but, more importantly, to continue to learn and build on  the foundation that Whitman had given me.

Today, I’m continuing to build on this foundation where I am now a sales manager at HomeSuite, a real estate tech startup. HomeSuite is an online marketplace that removes the guesswork and hassle from finding short-term furnished housing. If you’re an intern and waited to the last minute to find housing, or an employee traveling to a new city for an extended period of time, we can help find a place for you.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Syracuse and the Whitman School of Management. I’m not only proud to follow in my family’s footsteps but to also be a part of such a passionate alumni group that spreads across the country.

James Hornung Jr.
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