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Alumni of the Week: Gabrielle Beaudry ’10

Alumni of the Week: Gabrielle Beaudry ’10

Head Shot Gabrielle Beaudry-2014-FI never thought I would end up at Syracuse University. Being form Central New York, I was eager for change. I attended Boston College my first two years of college and transferred to Syracuse when the school started its first NCAA division 1 women’s ice hockey team. It was a great experience being able to start a program in my family’s backyard.

When I got to Syracuse, I was shocked by the faculty and staff’s significant involvement in my education. Professors took time to get to know me as a person and pushed me to meet my goals and objectives. Even though Syracuse is a large school, Whitman felt intimate–like a family who really cared. I appreciated that support my final two years at Syracuse.

Prior to transferring to Syracuse, I had played ice hockey at Boston College. The transition was a challenge at first. It was difficult going from a final-four, top-10 team to a brand new team. During our initial year, we didn’t even have a division 1 locker room until half way through the season. We would get dressed in two half size locker rooms. The day we found out our locker room was finished, we were so excited that we sprinted to the new locker room laughing and giggling. Our “real” locker room is one of the best in division 1 hockey.

I was extremely impressed by the funding and attention Syracuse University gave to the women’s ice hockey team. The administration was often at games, and students packed the house. There were games when my parents had trouble getting a seat at Tennity Pavilion. The best part of my hockey career at Syracuse was when we were ranked in the top 10 my senior year. We were honored to have gone from the bottom of the pack to being ranked in the top 10 in just two short years. My teammates at Syracuse are some of the hardest working females I know and are definitely still my family and some of my best friends. I am proud to have been a member of Syracuse Athletics.


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