Alumni of the Week: Dylan Weinberger ’16

pro-headshotOriginally admitted to Syracuse University as an applied statistics major, I came to the realization prior to starting my undergraduate career that a business degree would help me gain the professionalism and real-world context to be successful in any field that I decided to pursue. When I did learn that my internal transfer request to Whitman was accepted in March of my Senior year of high school, it was a no-brainer that Syracuse would be my destination come August.

From the beginning of my time at Whitman, its reputation as a devoted and student-centered business school certainly did not disappoint. While I did learn a lot from my professors inside the classroom, I must give credit to the school’s emphasis on career preparation and network exposure as to why I did feel ready and confident upon graduation. Between Whitman’s career fairs and experiential learning requirement, I left Syracuse feeling that I could hold my own if ever in a complex or difficult situation. Perhaps the biggest lessons I took away from this exposure, which I believe will be relevant at every stage of one’s career, are professional etiquette and communication. The ability to speak to one’s skills, experiences, and passions is undervalued by most, but has personally helped me in navigating networking sessions, email correspondences, interviews, and my daily duties.

What I also learned from my time at Whitman, largely through my previous internship experiences, is that many times one may not pursue his/her original course of action in the end. While I did graduate with a degree in finance, I realized after the summer of my junior year that finance did not drive me like technology did, and that I desired a work setting where I could collaborate and interact frequently with clients. I would not have learned this about myself without the network that I developed at Whitman and, luckily, I had the opportunity to interview with companies that offered just that during my senior year. Now, 30 days after my start date, I am honored to say that my time at Deloitte thus far has been memorable.

In just the first four weeks, the new hires of Deloitte Advisory and Cyber Risk Services had the opportunity to travel to four different cities – Westlake, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Kansas City, Missouri; and Charlotte, North Carolina – as part of our Advisory Fundamental and Cyber Risk training. Traveling to new places and experiencing the cultures of new cities has been a goal of mine for a while now and, in doing so, I was able to get very close with my new colleagues and friends. Fortunately, I have recently been placed on an internal project initiative created by the firm where I am assisting the documentation and configuration of a new risk management solution, which will eventually be introduced to clients in an effort to expedite issue resolution.

Though I am back in New York City and enjoying my new role, perhaps what I have enjoyed the most since starting my career is connecting with new people and the opportunity to learn on the job. In a way, this very closely imitates the experience that I had while at Whitman, for my four years there was enriched with opportunities to travel, network and make lifelong friends and mentors. Not only was the staff and administration of Whitman experienced and career-focused, they also cared deeply about my future career success – which made all the difference. I am indebted to Whitman for where the school has brought me, and I know that this is only the beginning.

Dylan Weinberger
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