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Alumni of the Week: Colin Morgan ’15

Alumni of the Week: Colin Morgan ’15

Originally from Oswego, NY, a little less than an hour north of Syracuse, I did not consider SU at the beginning of my college search process. Having grown up in Central New York, it seemed like it would be too close to home. Thankfully, a friend recommended I check it out after having similar reservations. Taking that advice, I found myself visiting campus and, sure enough, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

As a freshman, I knew very little about supply chain outside of transportation and logistics. I really did not know what discipline within the field would be the best fit for me. The supply chain department, and I am positive this holds true for all other departments in Whitman, offered loads of assistance in helping me find out what I wanted to do. Countless hours were spent in Professor Gary La Point’s office talking about career paths, opportunities, and what to really value about job opportunities.

I encourage students to take advantage of what Whitman has to offer. You may be stressed out about career fairs, capstone or exams, but, by getting involved, the payoff in the long run is worth it.

Whitman has some truly amazing professors. If at all possible, take classes with them or visit their office hours. Some of the best classes I took were taught by Professor Will Geoghegan and Professor Ravi Dharwadkar, both played a significant role in my development as a student. They set high expectations and pushed for students to excel on a whole other level. That constant drive for excellence is something that I think about daily when working on projects.

Another great aspect of Whitman is the amount of opportunities to apply classroom learnings to the real world during the semester. In multiple supply chain classes, I was able to work with local medical equipment manufacturers, construction companies, food distributors and big box office suppliers to drive real results while reinforcing concepts learned in classes. These experiences truly help to prepare students for life after college. Almost daily I think about those experiences and apply them to the task at hand whether it’s leading a kaizen event in an area of the plant or developing alternative suppliers to mitigate risk of shut down scenarios.

I owe a lot to Whitman because it made me who I am today. If it wasn’t for the supply chain department and other Whitman faculty, I would not have enjoyed the successes that I’ve had so far in my career at Dover.

Colin Morgan
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