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Alumni of the Week: Cody R. Clark ’14

Alumni of the Week: Cody R. Clark ’14

I was born in California, but I grew up in the suburbs of Syracuse with little connection or affection for the city. However, after leaving high school to attend Onondaga Community College, I landed a job with the Syracuse New Times weekly circular. The City of Syracuse quickly became the center of my attention; the diverse and engaging culture combined with vast opportunities proved to be the perfect environment to volunteer and get involved. After two years at OCC, I was ready to transfer to a university to pursue my passion for business and SU easily won out over the dozen or so schools I was accepted into across the country.

Despite my growing affection for the city, I initially thought being a transfer student would be challenging; I was wrong. The Whitman School of Management offered an incredible and robust transfer student program, helping students become ingrained in the community and build lifelong relationships among the diverse student body. Many of the friends I made at Syracuse University are now strewn across the globe in various industries and are ever-present in my professional network.

My most rewarding experience at Syracuse University was the opportunity to study abroad at China’s prestigious Tsinghua University. I spent an entire semester with my cohort traveling through various parts of mainland China, learning Mandarin and engaging professionals on an economic platform that has become arguably the most important in the world today. My experience and connection to China has resulted in intimate friendships and a rich and exciting career path.

Upon returning to SU, I took the opportunity to educate my classmates on the Beijing study abroad program. During one of my informational sessions, I met and was recruited by a CFO for his Finance Leadership Development Program. By combining my education and global cultural awareness cultivated at Syracuse University and the local community, I could leverage my skillset for their organization, re-engineering financial processes and performing audits in the United States and abroad.

After two years of success with the company, I again relied on my connections from Syracuse to move back to China to volunteer and travel. Since then, I have moved to Chicago to accept a management consulting position with Accenture in the company’s Strategy division. My education at Syracuse University gave me a solid foundation to build my career and set my expectations high.

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