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Alumni of the Week: CJ Cervantes ’15

Alumni of the Week: CJ Cervantes ’15

My story is a little different than most when it comes to describing their college experience. When you are a first- generation college bound student and the son of immigrant parents, choosing the perfect school can be a daunting task. Not only must you make sure that you are receiving a top education and are given all the tools and resources necessary for success, but you want to feel like a welcomed member of the alumni family when your time on campus comes to a close. For me, Syracuse University was that school.

I chose to enroll as an undeclared freshman because I wanted to keep all of my options open. If I limited myself to a major before even arriving, how would I know that I wasn’t missing out on an opportunity to pursue something that I loved? The flexibility that I was given at SU allowed me to find my way to Whitman, and eventually into marketing.

Between the career fairs, networking opportunities, Career Madness, and incredible faculty, Whitman made sure that I was not only apt for success as a student but also readily prepared for the “adult world.” The professors did a great job creating challenging, collaborative environments that accurately reflected what it takes to be successful in a working environment.

I couldn’t have been more honored when I was awarded the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Whitman commencement ceremony. Singing in the Dome in front of thousands of proud parents, as they watched over their equally as proud soon-to-be business professionals, is a memory and feeling I will never forget. I will be forever thankful for everything that Whitman has gifted me in terms of both academics and experiences.

It’s been two (short) years since I graduated in 2015, but I use the skills I learned on a daily basis. Whether it’s something I learned in a classroom or conversations with alumni, I’m constantly reminded that I made the right choice by enrolling at Syracuse University. Go ‘Cuse.

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Twitter: @ccervantesjr

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