Alumni of the Week: Camila Perez ’15

CamiliaPerezOne of my first classes in Whitman upon transferring from David B. Falk my sophomore year was SOM 354: Managing in a Global Setting. This is where Professor Dhawakar encouraged the class to study abroad to experience the business world overseas and to better understand the global direction that business is continuing to move towards.

As an intra-university transfer, I felt that I needed to get more involved and engage in the Whitman community. My positions at the Career Center, Behavioral Lab and Delta Sigma Pi were so important to my time at Whitman and really helped shape my interests in marketing.

Whitman also provided me the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong, take my major classes and obtain an internship abroad.

Whitman has equipped me with so many tools to explore my academic and career interests and has greatly impacted my future in marketing and media.

After completing a semester long internship at NBCUniversal in the fall of my senior year, I applied to the company’s one-year rotational Page Program, was accepted and just started! NBC’s Page Program provides recent graduates the opportunity to really explore their interests in the media industry and further develop yourself professionally.

Pages participate in three 12-week assignments in the areas of business, consumer and content in many departments such as SyFy Marketing, msnbc Technical Operations and Ad Sales. The Page Program is also the bridge between NBCUniversal and the public when assisting with audience coordination for late night shows and conducting studio tours.

While I wait for assignment opportunities, I have been practicing my tour speech and working audience coordination for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Seth Meyers! It has been so much fun and I am excited and looking forward to this year in the program!

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