Alumni of the Week: Amruta Ghodke ’14 MBA

AmrutaHousing one of the oldest supply chain and logistics programs in the country, Whitman was one of my top choices while deciding on MBA schools. Having worked in the FMCG industry in the lean manufacturing environment, I had decided on to pursue my MBA in supply chain. Whitman offered the perfect combination of class room training and real life experiential learning, thus becoming my final choice.

During the first year of my MBA, I was able to take courses in marketing, finance and supply chain. I believe this exposure to all the major fields helps one identify a field of interest and decide upon a major. Also, the curriculum offered at Whitman is very diverse and relevant to industrial use. I had enrolled into the principles of management science course with Professor Scott Webster. The Excel modelling skills I developed through this course helped me be successful for my project in my internship at Mondelez International. Experiential learning courses like lean six sigma provide the perfect platform for applying the classroom acquired skills to real life industry problems.

Post my MBA, I started working with Kerry Ingredients through the company’s supply chain graduate program in the material management and production planning role. In this role, the concepts I learned as part of my curriculum at Whitman, helped me get onboard with the new tasks easily. My lean six sigma coursework understanding helped me be a contributing team member in the various continuous improvement projects at work. Apart from this, what really helped, was my understanding of various accounting, financial and marketing concepts. This understanding helped me have a 360- degree view while tackling a problem and helped develop a multi-fold solution at various occasions.

I have recently moved back to India, my home country, and work with a supply chain consulting firm. What I realize while working here is that Whitman has not only helped me be a good supply chain professional, but it has prepared me to be a better global professional. The presentation skills, organizational behavioral skills and working with a cross-functional team during projects at Whitman has helped me blend in different organizations and on different teams very effectively. Whitman has been a great partner in my growth as a supply chain professional and I am proud that I graduated from a program that has such rich history.

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