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Alumni of the Week: Amina Isakovic ’09

Alumni of the Week: Amina Isakovic ’09

isakovic-amina-7_high-resHaving been born in Bosnia, spending my childhood in Germany and finally moving to Seattle, I never imagined I’d go 3000 miles away from my family to attend Syracuse University. In high school, I loved being part of a video editing class and my teacher suggested I apply to Syracuse University my senior year. I had no idea where it was nor what to expect as I never visited the campus. I really should have been listening when people told me “make sure to get a coat!” I loved every minute of my four years at Syracuse University and wouldn’t take back one moment!

My freshman year I was lost as I’m sure a lot of us were. I soon realized video editing was just a hobby for me and I didn’t know what I wanted to do “when I grew up,” so I initially majored in international relations (IR). After finishing my IR major my sophomore year, I realized I wanted to also major in business.

Whitman impressed me from the moment I met with the advisor about completing a second major. I knew I’d be taking introductory classes with freshmen my junior year of college, but it didn’t matter. The opportunities that Whitman would offer was clear and I was going to work hard for them.

Throughout my career–whether in the financial management program, or as part of the corporate audit staff, and now the marketing team at General Electric–a day has not gone by when I didn’t reference classes I took at Whitman or use skills I gained from being a student there. From the critical thinking and presentation skills used in EEE, to the accounting expertise from my finance classes and the basic marketing tool of Porter’s Five Forces I utilize when supporting a start-up business at GE, Whitman prepared me for every stage of my career and the various roles I play.

I have moved to various countries throughout my career, and there is nothing I’m prouder of than telling people where I went to school and what it was like to go there. I’ll never stop bleeding orange!

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