Alumni of the Week: Addyson Gallagher ’14

Addyson101_1038I always knew that I wanted my undergraduate career to be focused on business, but it wasn’t until I became a student at Whitman that I was able to explore and discover all that the world of business had to offer. The curriculum allows the students to have a taste of all areas and then grants them the opportunity to delve into their interests, which is how I ended up studying marketing management and finance. During the time I took to test out different majors, I enjoyed learning and realizing how it all is so interconnected.

I waited until the last minute—the end of my sophomore year—to declare my majors. It was very beneficial for me because it was after core that I realized I had the two interests. I had the opportunity to study abroad and take Whitman classes while in London and intern for a media agency there. Working, studying and living within another culture gave me a great foundation in seeing firsthand how cultural differences affect work. It is rewarding to be able to take what I learned there and use it in my career when I am constantly working with international vendors and, in doing so, need to understand their work ethic.

Whitman has an endless supply of resources for students to utilize to help further their education, prepare them for their careers and help them land the job they want. During my time at Whitman, I was involved in different Enactus projects but one that I stuck with was Chadwick House. Our efforts helped improve the lives of women in the city of Syracuse by building a foundation of skills to help them better themselves. The Enactus projects were a great opportunity to escape learning from a classroom setting and get a taste of applying studies to better the community.

Addyson Gallagher
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