Alumni Entrepreneur: Olivia Bowser ’16

A catch up with friends last summer turned into a deeper discussion about our broader circles and the struggles we’re all experiencing. We shared stories of friends overly-stressed at work, feeling lonely or dealing with severe anxiety/depression. I heard the same narrative over and
over again–we feel stuck and alone. The biggest takeaway was that most of our friends are heavily invested in their physical health to give them a temporary release, but that same investment wasn’t going towards their mental health. As someone who practices solo meditation to deal with anxiety, I realized there wasn’t a place where mental health, physical movement and community worked together as one. Enter Liberate.

Liberate is founded on the belief that your health is multidimensional. We practice a flow of mindful movement, reflection journaling, conversation and meditation to help you live lightly and more fully in the present. I partnered with a sports psychologist to develop the Liberate Method: curriculum designed to connect your body and mind through engaging exercises and human interaction. We call this the Working on Yourself Workout. With every class, we strengthen our mental well-being and enhance our relationship with ourselves and others. This is a space for human beings to openly transform their well-beings, together.

So, ask yourself this: are you investing enough in your mental health? If your answer is “no,” give Liberate a try (if your answer is “yes,” we’d still love to have you!). I would love to see friendly Whitman alumni faces in class. Please get to know us on or @liberatestudio on Instagram and try a virtual class. Share with family, friends and anyone you think would enjoy it. Everyone with an open mind is welcome.
Feel free to email me personally as well at with any thoughts or just to say “hey!”

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